Fine portraiture has always begun with preliminary sketches to form the underlying foundation of the portrait.  When photography sprang into being in the late 19th century, the images provided by the camera often replaced the extended sittings required to produce the foundational sketch.

Late in the 20th century, technology was developed that allowed paintings to be produced in the digital realm, providing artists the ability to create beautiful hand-painted images that are the exact likeness of the subject.  This new world of imaging finally addressed the question of many a client whose concern was, “Will this painter capture me accurately?”

The International Society of Portrait Artists was formed to gather together some of the world’s finest portrait artists who are pursuing this new generation of portraiture.  As art and technology continue to merge together in the 21st century, artists who pursue their craft well are constantly looking to refine their methods and their work to provide their clients with the finest pieces of art. 


The Mission Statement of the ISofPA is as follows:


“The International Society of Portrait Artists exists to provide a forum for portrait painters to exchange ideas and methods of producing excellence in their artwork.  In addition, it exists to provide an online gallery of the artwork of the members of the ISofPA for the purpose of initiating contact with inquiring clientele.”