Lexington, Kentucky

When you hear the name "Walden," you soon realize it means Timothy and Beverly, not just one or the other. As a couple, they have been responsible for reintroducing the words "fine art" back into photography. From Tim's amazing portrayal of his subjects in stunning black and white portraiture to Bev's unerring flair for painting her subjects with style and grace, as a couple, they are unstoppable.
As they continue on their journey as artists, they keep in mind what they teach other aspiring photographers and artists, "Do less. Do it better than anyone else." And they live up to these simple words every day as they each hone their areas of specialty, striving for perfection!
Bev's style of painting, combining realism with an etherial, painterly essence, has been recognized by clients from across the nation. In 2006, she was selected as one of 11 women to photograph and paint the President of Professional Photographers of America, Michael Taylor. Her love of color harmony, flowing lines and exquisite beauty have always been a trademark of her pieces, and while she has dedicated her training to her painted pieces, Tim continues to create outstanding black and white fine art pieces for their clientele.
As active members of Professional Photographers of America since 1972, both have been awarded with many degrees including the Gerhard Bakker award for outstanding service through education in the field of photography and visual communications and the Charles H. Haynes award for encouraging business awareness and practices in the field of professional image-making.

Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding region

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