Audrey Wancket, Spring Grove, IL, USA

Audrey Wancket

When she was a little girl, Audrey was drawn to paintings of people, especially children. Even at an early age, whether watching a movie or being dragged to museums, she would feel that the person in the painting must be very important and how much the mother must love that child to have the painting done and displayed in those beautiful homes. How loved they must feel. How special they are.  These portrait paintings were so beautiful that they would be passed down from generation to generation.

Audrey knew that this is what portraits of children and family should mean to her clients. The power and self esteem would be instilled in their children.

Early in her professional photographic career, Audrey studied and examined both paintings and photographs. What the paintings had was beautiful lighting.  Audrey knew that she could and would figure out how to capture that lighting in photographic portraits. 

The other characteristic that she saw in these paintings was dignity. Everyone deserves this in their homes and lives.  And so her journey of portraying her subjects in this manner began.

Audrey creates portraits with great depth and luminocity. Whether a museum styled or a casual style portrait, it requires more than “a good camera” and basic painting skills. It requires studying light and lighting techniques, understanding color and composition, and how these combine to bring out the beauty and dignity of each subject. The professional and stand-out results are the culmination of education and practicing her craft every day.

The camera is only one of the mediums used to begin a “Wancket” mixed media portrait. She blends old and new techniques to create these timeless enduring pieces of art.

Simply signed “Wancket”, her portraits grace the walls of homes across America and around the world.    

Phone: 847 - 587 - 3350

Address: 7818 N Pillow Hill Rd Spring Grove, IL , 60081 USA

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