How do I find the right artist for my commission?
Look carefully through each artist on the Society website. While each of them is well-known, with extensive lists of clients, what will be most important for you is that you are drawn to the work they do. We suggest you visit the site several times. Be sure to consider the style of the artist's work, the subject matter and the location.

What is the process of having a portrait made?
Finished portraits begin with a concept of who you want to be in the portrait, what style you find yourself drawn to, and .. you based on that, photo studies made in client homes or studio Artist begins with consultation to determine finished style. May include decisions in propping and backgrounds, appropriate attire. Mutual suitable date is agreed upon and artist often r Because most artists in the ISPA have a foundation in photographic portraiture, they are adept at working in a realistic style, while using beautiful brush strokes of traditional oil painting….

What should I expect to pay?
There is a wide range of prices in portraiture. Artists in the ISPA are usually priced from $1,000 to $10,000, or more depending on size, number of subjects, complexity. These portrait artists in ISPA usually work in a realistic style, using the beautiful brush strokes. Additional oil painted portraits can sell for as much as $50,000 or more. Artists usually requires a deposit towards the finished portrait.

What if the artist I like is not in my state or country?
In some cases, the artist will ask that you travel to his studio. Often, the artist will meet you at your location, where the initial camera studies will take place. Because of the technology available to us today, much of the progress and evaluation can be conducted through the internet.

Is my satisfaction guaranteed?
Absolutely. Check with the individual artist about their policies.

Do any ISPA artists work from my old photographs?
If no other images are available or able to be captured, many ISPA artists can create a painting for you. Often, this service is not even advertised on the web site, so you might want to first ask the artist who is most conveniently located to you.