William Branson III


                                            William Branson III

                                                                                        M. Photog. Cr., Fellow - ASP, 
                                                                                        A-BIPP, A-RPS, MPP-MPI


If your walls could talk,

what stories would they tell

or would they be silent?


“As a portrait artist, I help families hold onto time by creating portraits from their dreams. I write their story and the story begins with their family – their journey – their dreams. I create a world around them, a world beyond a photograph. It is a portrait that will become their most treasured possession and it will endure when their other material property has been discarded and forgotten. My goal is to bring a tradition of quality and refinement to portraiture for the walls of my client’s homes.”

A much sought after speaker and teacher to professional artist, William holds Fellowship and Associate degrees from around the globe. Families and institutions from all over look to him to help and guide them as he captures the most important people in their lives. Carefully preserved, these treasured portraits are admired in beautiful homes and institutions around the globe, iconic traces of each person’s heritage.

It has been said . . .

 “You never own a portrait by William Branson III,

you merely take care of it for the next generation.”


William Branson III is proud to be one of the founding members of the International Society of Portrait Artist.


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